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RGA calls for review of Portuguese Regulatory Regime

3 May 2017

RGA calls for review of Portuguese Regulatory Regime


On the second anniversary of the introduction of the Portuguese taxation and licensing regime, The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) is calling for an urgent review of the system after its failure to attract almost no licensees.


In 2015, when the new regime for licensing online gambling was introduced, one of the key policy objectives was to provide Portuguese consumers with an attractive offering that was licensed by the Portuguese regulator.  By channelling consumers into the local market the aim was to ensure they received the appropriate safeguards and the government benefitted from the ensuing tax revenues.


Provision was quite rightly made in 2015 for a review to take place once the regime had been established.  As the stated objectives of the regulatory reforms have clearly not been met, the RGA is now urging the authorities to launch such a review now as a matter of urgency.


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