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Infringement procedures

Member States in which gambling is organised and run by monopolies that are wholly or in part State-controlled have traditionally opposed the spread of cross border gambling. The remote gambling industry believes that in most cases they do so not for purposes recognized by ECJ case-law (e.g. consumer protection), but for reasons associated with the protection of domestic monopolies or revenues that the State receives, directly or indirectly, from consumers of domestic gambling services.

Since 2006, the Commission has launched infringement procedures against several Member States , challenging the compatibility with EU rules of their respective restrictions on gambling. Nevertheless, no action has as yet been brought before the ECJ. As Guardian of the Treaties, the Commission has a responsibility to pursue the infringements and bring an action against the Member States concerned.

The need for the European Commission to take action is underlined by the sheer number of complaints that have been lodged with it. This matter now requires urgent attention



"It is the responsibility of the European Commission to ensure the proper functioning of the EU Internal Market and to take Member States to the ECJ when they fail to comply with the Treaty."