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Key Objectives For A Successful Regulatory And Tax Framework


 Key objectives

On 22nd September at the EiG Conference in Milan the Remote Gambling Association published a new booklet entitled Online Gambling: key objectives for a successful regulatory and tax framework. It sets out the headline issues that governments and regulators need to consider when establishing regimes for the private sector online gambling industry.


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CEN Workshop Agreement

CEN Workshop Agreements (CWAs) are voluntary consensus agreements drawn up in an open process. Voluntary standardization activities are carried out in almost every field of economic activity. There is a tradition in the EU of voluntary standards complementing legislation, for instance by providing the technical requirements for the conformity of specific products with the legal needs of Directives The CWA on Responsible Remote Gambling Measures (CWA 16259: 2011) only covers online gambling and is based on more than 600 specific contributions made by participants and submitted for public consultation over a 3 month period.

It provides for a total of 134 implementing measures that are aimed at attaining the following 9 policy objectives;

 The protection of vulnerable customers

 The prevention of underage gambling

 Combating fraudulent and criminal behaviour

 Protection of customer privacy and safeguarding of information

 Prompt and accurate customer payments

 Fair gaming

 Responsible marketing

 Commitment to Customer satisfaction and support

 Secure, safe and reliable operating environment





Online Gambling:

Key Objectives for a successful regulatory and tax framework

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CEN workshop agreement


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