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Regulations & licensing

Remote gambling is the newest and fastest growing part of the world gambling industry.

It is estimated that global remote gambling GGY (excluding telephone betting) was £20.1bn during 2011, which represents 10% growth on the previous year. (provided courtesy of H2 Gambling Capital :

Newer, cheaper and modern communication technologies will mean continued  growth of online leisure services for which online gambling is one.

Attempting to prohibit the provision or use of these gambling services, for example over the Internet, has failed. The demand is such that ways will always be found to circumvent any restrictions that might be imposed.

There may be differences of opinion about the exact number of consumers involved or how much they are gambling, but there can be no doubt that the market is substantial. It will continue to exist and thrive even if there are no European-licensed operators at all, and European consumers will continue to access it.

The RGA report Fair, honest, safe and fun sets out our position in more detail.



" If remote gambling services are not available from providers in properly regulated jurisdictions, then consumers will be forced towards operators that may not offer the same safeguards or standards."