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RGA Anti-Money laundering guidelines

There is a hierarchy of regulation where money laundering is concerned. This includes international regulation, such as the EU Money Laundering Directive, and national regulations which can be a combination of gambling licence conditions or broader laws which apply to a range of commercial activities. These guidelines ( updated in November 2015) are not meant to be a substitute for any of those. Instead they are intended to augment them and to highlight some ways in which they might best be applied at a practical level.

There is continued speculation about the level of money laundering involving online gambling and the risk it presents as the industry moves ahead. In an attempt to bring some objectivity to these issues the RGA commissioned in 2009 a report from MHA Consulting. It concluded that a combination of statutory and self regulation had effectively reduced the risk of money laundering through online gambling and that there were almost no examples of money laundering in licensed jurisdictions, but it also underlined the need for the industry to remain vigilant; to work with regulators, law enforcement agencies and others to disseminate best practice; and to ensure that all related rules and guidelines keep pace with technological developments and the inventiveness of money launderers.

Good practice guidelines for the online gambling industry




MHA Report