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Sports Betting Consultation

The Remote Gambling Association recently conducted a wide-ranging consultation on sports betting (including horse and greyhound racing), most notably with regard to commercial and integrity issues. This has been response to an increasing focus on the sports betting issue, notably by some EU Member States and sporting organisations in recent years.

The principle focus of the consultation is to explore these issues in more detail and allow the RGA’s members to have an informed and objective picture of the situation. It is our intention to identify ways in which the relationship with national and international sporting organisations might usefully be developed. The main international sporting organisations, such as the IOC and FIFA, have been approached to respond to the consultation, as have all of the EU’s Member States and a number of other interested parties.

The consultation was however, open to any party that had an interest in this area. There were four questionnaires specifically designed for: sporting organisations; governments and gambling regulators; non-RGA betting operators and trade associations; and other interested parties. The consultation ran from 1 July until 14 August 2009 and was followed by oral consultations with selected parties.

Jason Foley-Train ( on secondment from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport) produced the detailed report below which we  made public in January 2010.

Click the link below to view a table of responses recieved:


Final Report Published 27th January 2010             RGA Press Release

Executive Summary

On 15th September 2014 Jason Foley- Train published a follow up report entitled Sports Betting: Commercial and Integrity Issues to explore not just match-fixing but the associated commercial and integrity matters that have gained prominence in the interim period.   

You download the 2014 report here and read the accompanying press release here