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Sports Betting: Legal, Commercial and Integrity Issues

The relationship between the betting and sporting sectors continues to raise a number of issues which need to be addressed properly. We have frequently called on regulators and government departments around Europe and elsewhere to base their approach on evidence-based policy making. It was clear therefore that in developing our own policies in this area we should do exactly that.

This report, which looks at the situation in the EU as a whole, is the culmination of that process and provides what we believe to be an excellent analysis of all of the available information, the vast majority of which has been derived from data that is in the public arena. From the outset we acknowledged that the report should be an objective one that did not contain any pre-existing views held by the RGA or its members. It followed that the author should come from outside of our organisation.

 In the circumstances we were extremely fortunate to agree with the UK Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) that we could take one of its officials, Jason Foley-Train, on secondment for a limited period to undertake this project. Jason has a decade of experience of sporting and betting issues within government in relation to domestic and wider European policy, and so no learning curve was required which might have been necessary had the work gone elsewhere.

We hope and believe that this report will serve to inform any wider debates about these matters and we commend it to anyone who seeks to look at the issues fairly and objectively.

Please click the following links to download the full 170 page PDF version of the report, Executive Summary and RGA Press Release:

Sports Betting: Legal, Commercial and Integrity Issues 

Executive Summary                                                        RGA  Press Realease